As a volunteer, you will introduce girls to new experiences that make everyday feel like the best day ever. The girls we guide today become the women we follow tomorrow.

Fall Campout 2015

Fall Campout 2015!

October 9 through 11

Grab your girls and go on a "Color Quest"!

GSSJC Annual Survey

GSSJC Annual Survey

through June 30 2015

Please take a few moments to complete the adult annual survey and invite girls to earn their annual survey patch by completing the annual survey for girls.

Shooting Stars Community

com·mu·ni·ty  /kəˈmyo͞onitē/ - noun, often attributive: a group of people with a common characteristic or interest working together within a larger society.

Welcome to the Shooting Stars Community website! The Shooting Stars Community serves Girl Scout troops in both the Galveston and Harris County parts of Friendswood, the southbelt area of Houston to the south of BW-8 and the west of IH-45 and on the east side of Pearland and is a member of the San Jacinto Council.

The Shooting Stars Community Leadership Team (CLT) provides overall leadership for our community and coordinates the work of the Community Service Team (CST). Members of the CST are typically appointed by the CLT and will bring together a core group of volunteers, with additional auxiliary roles as needed to support our community. Our community is comprised of volunteers, tasked with recruiting, developing and supporting girls and volunteers in the delivery of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience.

Interested in becoming a volunteer? Complete our Volunteer Interest Indicator or contact the Community Leadership Team at clt@shootingstarsgs.org. Interested in becoming a Girl Scout? Find a Troop!


dis·cov·er  /dih-skuhv-er/ - verb: to notice or learn, especially by making an effort.


con·nect  /kuh-nekt/ - verb: to join, link, or fasten together; unite or bind.

Take Action

take ac·tion  /teyk ak-shuh'n/ - idiom: to start doing something.


  •  Barbara Cockrell Elementary (Pearland)
  •  Burnett Elementary (Pasadena)
  •  C.D. Landolt Elementary (Clear Creek)
  •  C.J. Harris Elementary (Pearland)
  •  Cline Elementary (Friendswood)
  •  E.A. Lawhon Elementary (Pearland)
  •  Frazier Elementary (Pasadena)
  •  H.C. Carleston Elementary (Pearland)
  •  Magnolia Elementary (Pearland)
  •  Moore Elementary (Pasadena)
  •  P.H. Greene Elementary (Clear Creek)
  •  Rustic Oak Elementary (Pearland)
  •  Shadycrest Elementary (Pearland)
  •  South Belt Elementary (Pasadena)
  •  Stuchbery Elementary (Pasadena)
  •  Weber Elementary (Clear Creek)
  •  Wedgewood Elementary (Clear Creek)
  •  Westwood-Bales (Friendswood)
  •  Alexander Middle School (Pearland)
  •  Brookside Intermediate (Clear Creek)
  •  Leon Sablatura Middle School (Pearland)
  •  Melillo Middle School (Pasadena)
  •  Sam Jamison Middle School (Pearland)
  •  Thompson Intermediate (Pasadena)
  •  Westbrook Intermediate (Clear Creek)
  •  Windsong Intermediate (Friendswood)
  •  Friendswood Junior High (Friendswood)
  •  Pearland Jr. High East (Pearland)
  •  Pearland Jr. High West (Pearland)
  •  Pearland Jr. High South (Pearland)
  •  Clear Brook High School (Clear Creek)
  •  Friendswood High School (Friendswood)
  •  J. Frank Dobie High School (Pasadena)
  •  Pearland High School (Pearland)

Not in the Shooting Stars Community?

Our Region 13 sister Community, Sunshine Stars, proudly serves girls on the west side of Pearland, Manvel, Rosharon and Iowa Colony. More information can be found on their website at http://www.sunshinestars.org.
Our Region 13 sister Community, Lone Stars, proudly serves girls within Angleton, Danbury, Brazosport, Columbia-Brazoria and Sweeny ISDs.