Welcome to the Shooting Stars Community!

Jessica and I are excited to introduce ourselves as your new Community Leadership Team (CLT) for the 2015-16 year!  For those of you we don’t already know, Jessica and I have served on the Community Service Team since its beginning in 2013, bringing Fall Product and Community Events to all our members.  As former girl scouts ourselves, we are thrilled with the opportunity to give back to an organization that has given so much to us!

We hope our community will be a place for leaders to find support, ideas and training as well as friendship and fun!  We ask for your patience during this transition period as well as your support.  We know that the strength of our community stems from its volunteers.  There are many positions within our Community Service Team (CST) just waiting for a fresh perspective – maybe even yours!

In addition to our other responsibilities, we are working on an updated website and other ways to stay connected.  In the meantime, be sure to like our community on Facebook and check your email for important updates, including a 2015-16 Shooting Stars Community Calendar!

We are looking forward to meeting and working with even more of you this year and bringing another great year of girl scouting to the Shooting Stars Community.  Together we can light up the leader in every girl!

Jennifer Rollins and Jessica Albin



dis·cov·er  /dih-skuhv-er/ - verb: to notice or learn, especially by making an effort.


con·nect  /kuh-nekt/ - verb: to join, link, or fasten together; unite or bind.

Take Action

take ac·tion  /teyk ak-shuh'n/ - idiom: to start doing something.


  •  Barbara Cockrell Elementary (Pearland)
  •  Burnett Elementary (Pasadena)
  •  C.D. Landolt Elementary (Clear Creek)
  •  C.J. Harris Elementary (Pearland)
  •  Cline Elementary (Friendswood)
  •  E.A. Lawhon Elementary (Pearland)
  •  Frazier Elementary (Pasadena)
  •  H.C. Carleston Elementary (Pearland)
  •  Magnolia Elementary (Pearland)
  •  Moore Elementary (Pasadena)
  •  P.H. Greene Elementary (Clear Creek)
  •  Rustic Oak Elementary (Pearland)
  •  Shadycrest Elementary (Pearland)
  •  South Belt Elementary (Pasadena)
  •  Stuchbery Elementary (Pasadena)
  •  Weber Elementary (Clear Creek)
  •  Wedgewood Elementary (Clear Creek)
  •  Westwood-Bales (Friendswood)
  •  Alexander Middle School (Pearland)
  •  Brookside Intermediate (Clear Creek)
  •  Leon Sablatura Middle School (Pearland)
  •  Melillo Middle School (Pasadena)
  •  Sam Jamison Middle School (Pearland)
  •  Thompson Intermediate (Pasadena)
  •  Westbrook Intermediate (Clear Creek)
  •  Windsong Intermediate (Friendswood)
  •  Friendswood Junior High (Friendswood)
  •  Pearland Jr. High East (Pearland)
  •  Pearland Jr. High West (Pearland)
  •  Pearland Jr. High South (Pearland)
  •  Clear Brook High School (Clear Creek)
  •  Friendswood High School (Friendswood)
  •  J. Frank Dobie High School (Pasadena)
  •  Pearland High School (Pearland)

Not in the Shooting Stars Community?

Our Region 13 sister Community, Sunshine Stars, proudly serves girls on the west side of Pearland, Manvel, Rosharon and Iowa Colony. More information can be found on their website at http://www.sunshinestars.org.
Our Region 13 sister Community, Lone Stars, proudly serves girls within Angleton, Danbury, Brazosport, Columbia-Brazoria and Sweeny ISDs.